How much percent of you is German and Turkish?


I was asked this question by my German girlfriend’s mother when I was 19. She was worried about how much of me was Turkish. People who are bi-cultural are often confronted by Germans or even those from their original country with the prejudice that they are “culturally incomplete” – like a half-empty glass.  However, [...]

You speak very good German


This is a sentence which I have heard very often since my childhood. On the one hand, I felt honored to be singled out, but at the same time I became aware of the amount of prejudice in German society against everything non-German. I also realized that the immigrants with different cultural background had [...]

A nightmare that changed my life


After having a nightmare watching the movie Videodrome and dreaming that my computer and I had melted together (the monitor with my knees and the keyboard with belly), I realized IT was not really something for me anymore. It was not the machine that I was interested in, but being ahead of the crowd [...]



I started my business career at the beginning of the 1990s as a personal computer expert. I really enjoyed that work, especially after the company I was working decided to change from terminals to thousands of PCs.  It was the time when Microsoft Windows computers were disrupting the traditional mainframe computers and I was [...]

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