Deutsche Bank – „Sizinle aynı dili konuşan banka”.

One of the best intercultural marketing campaigns (I have) ever done.

In 2008 my advertising agency cumin realized this amazing campaign for the Deutsche Bank, targeting the Turkish people living in Germany. This is a project that I am really proud of and like to keep on show rather than hidden in the archives.  

The Turkish community in Germany is an attractive consumer target group of 3 million people for the big brands. Just like the Hispanics in the US and the Indians in the UK. 

Everyone needs a bank account and bank services. So what makes the Turkish community in Germany an attractive target group for the Deutsche Bank? What are their differences to the main German target group? 

Due to their cultural background, Turkish people have a much higher demand for bank services than Germans. For example, they have to finance big weddings, like to buy new cars, new furniture and so on. Finally, one of the most important characteristics is that they don’t like to live in rental apartments- they like to own them. 

So the question was how we were to win this attractive target group for the Deutsche Bank. Watch the video and you will see how we have answered that question and why this TV commercial gave our viewers goosebumps and brought tears to the eyes of all that saw it. 


  • Agency: cumin
  • Creative Director: Ali Taner Baltaci
  • Director: Eralp Vardar
  • Production Company: Depo Film